Vox Humana is an online editorial journal, offering articles that engage and challenge organists, scholars, and organ enthusiasts, with topics ranging from instruments, notable organ composers and artists, church music, repertoire, historically-informed performance practice, and pedagogy. Topics can include any aspect of organ art worldwide, and submissions do not need to be written in English.

Submissions & Formatting

If you are interested in submitting an article or want to discuss ideas about potential articles, please write Christopher Holman at Articles can be any length, but generally are around 1000–2000 words, and the tone and level of technical specificity should be somewhere between a trade magazine (The Diapason, Choir & Organ, etc.) and a peer-reviewed journal (Keyboard Perspectives, Acta Organologica, etc.). With our unique format, all forms of media can be embedded within an article at any point — these include video, audio, images, musical examples (with audio), etc. Vox Humana is also able to help secure permissions to reproduce any forms of media as needed.

Dissemination & Longevity

Vox Humana manages an active subscriber email list and social media pages. Our publications are listed under the Articles page, and are fully accessible in perpetuity.

Student Papers

If you are a student, term papers from organ-related courses you may have taken are also most welcome, and may be submitted "as is" for consideration. Please send them to